Club News Archives 2003

2nd Annual Highlands Training Run
November 9, 2003

Matt Yeager, Steve Hite Adam Young, Bill Young, Jennifer Cochran, Joel Rodgers w/Cocoa, Randy Young, Dan Todd, George Moser, Joel Lowdermilk, Mark Thomas, and Dan Lehmann somewhere.

Mountain Masochist Trail Run
October 18, 2003

Matt Yeager was lucky enough to win Best Blood for a face plant and 4 stitches in his chin.

There were a number of WVMTRer's at the event, see Congratulations for list and link to more photos.

August 30, 2003

Big thanks to Dan Todd for his work  setting up the WVMTR booth at the Friday evening pasta dinner.  We had many visitors and garnered 4 new members.

Don Parks and  Heather Bury,  --> prospective trail runners?????

 There were many more club members at the CDR, but it was impossible to get everyone together for a photo.

Front; Jason Griffith and Alex, Jay Finkle, Dan Todd, Bill Young. Rear; Mike Kuba, JR Cornell, Anita Walker, Dan Lehmann, Steve Hite.

Other WVMTRer's running in the heat and rain of Charleston were Eric Mitchell, Merrily Taylor, Bob Spangler, Marshall Spradling, Gary Smith, Matt Yeager, Joni Adams, Dennis Hamrick.

Photos............more photos


AUGUST 9, 2003

The WVMTR was well represented at the 9th running of the Rattlesnake 50k on July 12, 2003 with 9 members. Two were lucky enough to bring home some trophies. Bill Young earned a glass bucket for 3rd place overall with a time of 4:50:35. Dan Lehmann was Masters Champion with a time of 5:20:58.  
Rattlesnake Trail 50K Ultrarun
Watch for a possible 102 Miles of WV Ultra Series in 2004, Capon 50k, Highlands 40 Mile, Rattlesnake 50k.
Photo Dan Todd
May 17, 2003 and another wet Capon Valley 50k! Excellent WVMTR turnout and Bill is even modeling the new club shirt.

L to R front to rear; Dan Todd, Mary Jane Baniak, little Baniak/Griffith, Jason Griffith, Michelle Yeager, Matt Yeager, Dave Huffman, Lydia Young, Dan Lehmann, Bill Young, Tommy Trask, Jody Lehmann. Also not pictured was George Moser, Billy Lese, Merrily Taylor and Joel Lowdermilk.
Capon Valley 50K Run
Photo Brandy Iams


     The infamous first Highlands Training Run on April 5, 2003.  The crew from the left; Jason Griffith, Dan Todd, Steve Hite, Dan Lehmann, Matt Yeager, Bill Young, JR Cornell, Mary Jane Baniak.