Dean Karnazes passed through West Virginia on his way home from NY to CA. Adam Casseday ran a few hours with him 12/1 on Rt. 50 through some heavy rain. And Brent Jenkins and Dave Shultz caught up with him on 12/2 in time for the winter temps. Their impressions were Dean is "a humble and awesome person" and "as nice and normal a runner as I've ever met. Not the person that his book image suggests."  So there you have from your reporter on the street. Check DK's blog at   Dean's Run Home: December 2006


MSTR 2006 Award Winners

Awards were presented to runners following the final race at ACE on October 28. A few were captured on film. First photo from left after Lehmann is Emily Chaney 2nd Place Women Open, Katie Aerni 1st Place Women Open, Joel Wolpert 2nd Place Men Open, and Michael Bee 1st Place Men Open. Center photo in big smiles are 40-49 1st Place Beth Hudspeth and 2nd Jane Reynolds. And last photo are the four participants who ran all six Series races; Michael Bee, David Bee, Jane Reynolds and Steve Smith. Michael and Jane also won the Mountain Man and Mountain Woman Awards. See complete results at MSTR 2006.


Elvis aka Tim Daly and Torrin Walters following the Chicago Marathon on Oct 22. The run was in Chicago and consisted of 26.2 miles.
 Cindy Kelley and Heather Bury also ran, but they obviously weren't hanging with these two.



Appalachian Crossing
September 30, 2006
A cold, rainy start for the first 50k of a soon to be a four day run across the Eastern Continental Divide. Photos



 Helvetia 10k Mountain Run
September 10, 2006

The WVMTR Fair Parade float courtesy of Lara Lehmann and Bill Potts

Lydia and Kelly Young are all smiles at the finish line. Kelly (right) just finished her first 10 k. She will soon be wanting to abandon her Highlands Sky Aid Station 5 for the start line there!



North Fork Mountain Trail Run August 11-13, 2006

     It was a perfect weekend of trail running and visiting with new and old friends. We had no injuries, great food, a kids run, and even a bald eagle sighting.   Approximately 70 gathered in the shadow of Seneca Rocks for our 5th annual camping /running weekend. 55 runners hit the trail Saturday morning while the others hiked, rock climbed and played around on their own. 

Note of Correction: I the excitement of the moment I recognized Bill Young and myself as runners who have the 5 NFMT runs. I forgot to mention Michelle Price who has also done 5 years running 12's and 24's. Sorry, are there others?

     Feel free to send in a run report. Click here to view photos of the fun in the WVMTR Gallery. Also check out Brian Masney's photos and Megan Carroll's photos on Flicker.  Bill Potts photos are up on Flicker.



Way To Go Bradley

First Place Finisher

Rattlesnake 50k

July 8, 2006

Also Adam Casseday placed 4th and Lew McGrath 7th Overall!!!

More photos on the gallery

Race Director Report and Results.



  Just arrived photo from the Jan. 28 Copperhead 50k somewhere in Kanawha County. The hand symbols obviously mean something like 50k or 5 miles???....Eric must have run it twice and Susan just doesn't play those silly games.

 Check out The Gazz May 18 online article and video Run For It on trail running in the Kanawha Valley. The video is cool if you have a fast enough connection. Some recognizable Charleston area runners make the news doing what they enjoy.

   May 20th Second Highlands 2006 Trainer. This bunch ran 20+ miles on the first half of the course. Smile and raise your hand if like the rocks. I think it's unanimous! Here they rest briefly after descending the smooth, gentle grade of Boars Nest Trail.
Front row Katie Poole, Michelle Price, Mical Honingfort, Phil Story, back Joe Kilcoyne, Paul Honingfort, Angelo Witten, Lorrin Harvey.


               WV Mountain Trail Runners
       at Babcock Gristmill Grinder April 29

  Well at least those that hung around till I was able to get this photo. It was a beautiful day for a run through one of West Virgina's most scenic parks. And it was nice to meet some of our new WVMTR's.

  From left, hope I'm correct....Joel Rodgers, Beth Hudspeth, Vic Ware, Lisa Lucci, Jane Reynolds, Jeff Lawrence, Stacey Levendorf, Bradley Mongold, Dennis Hamrick, JL Brown, Bill Young, Dave Horvath, Joe Hughes, Dave Huffman, Donnie Hudspeth.

  Thanks Dave for coming up from Charleston to be our official timekeeper.


  Some of the WVMTR's and Dave at the Promise Land 50k April 22, 2006.  Fog is still on the hillsides from the morning thunderstorms.


                            110th Boston Marathon April 17, 2006

Adam Casseday joined 22,000 others to run from Hopkinton to Boston and finished an astonishing 2:51:34 for 464th place.  This was his first Boston and a PR for his 4th only marathon. This photo is in Wellesley at mile 14.

Boston is a great experience. If you get the opportunity to run this historical race by all means do it, then come back to the woods and dirt trails. That's what Adam is going to do when he grows up!

Congratulations Adam on a well run race.   


        Highlands Sky Training Run - April Fools Day 2006

     An even dozen came out for a taste of spring and the Highlands course. Even though, as seen in the photo, Bill Potts did his extra special double-handed secret snake jinx the air did not warm. As a matter of fact there was still a little snow and icy water up on Roaring Plains and some Big Wind. We didn't lose anyone, at least not for too long. It was a good day.

From left; Brad Mongold, John Logar, John Reynolds, Jennifer Cochran, George Arnold, Dan Lehmann, Bill Potts, Scott Clark, JL Brown, Steve Kaufman, Jill Kaufman, John Bright.


Laurel Highlands Trail - January 22, 2006

A beautiful day in the mountains above Ohiopyle, PA.  It was chilly but not quite like last weekend below.

Jennifer, Charlie and JL are all smiles. Reynolds and Lehmann couldn't make the turn and went over the cliff into the Youghigeny River.


                                                   Kumbrabow State Forest Run - January 14, 2006

     Smiling pre-run faces as we head into the Big Wind, Big Snow of Kumbrabow. Weather forecasts Friday called for light snow, but as usual at this elevation that can be quite variable.  2" of snow was soon 8" with sustained winds of 25 to 35 mph and gusts to 45 mph. The 13 mile course had over 2500' of climb and two stream crossings which the more nimble were successful in traversing on fallen logs. The day made for some memorable running, especially for the two new wvmtr members.

     Later hot showers, hot tub, hot food and hot drink brought everyone back to life.

          Photos       Bill Potts Flickr Slideshow         Note from Joe Hughes     Report from Charlie Shaffer