Canaan Mountain Run - Davis, WV
                                            November 19, 2005

It was a fine day for a run in mountains of Tucker County. Cool temps, sunny skies and some beautiful rocky trails made for a good day. The fun was not without  a couple of falls and sprains, but  food, brews and birthday cake made at all well again.

 <== Dan Lehmann, Willie Lehmann, Jesse Silver, Cindy Kelley (crewer extraordinaire), Tony Morris, Jody Lehmann, Steve Hite, Dan Todd, Bill Potts, Gary Smith, Jennifer Cochran and Molly.

More actual running pics on Bill Potts site Flickr: Photos from wmpotts



     Mike and Ashley Dolin both finished the MSTR Series by taking home a trophy.
More photos at 2005 Results




October 14-15 2005

Intrepid smiles at the prerace dinner, eagerly waiting Dave Horton's entertaining antics.

Congratulations to Kim finishing in the Womens Top Ten in her first ultrarun. Also to Charlie on his first ultrarun. We are still waiting in anticipation for his painful but candid race report.



Valley Falls 10 Mile Trail Run - October 8, 2005


Colorado Trip Report
Dan Lehmann

Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, 2005.  Golden and Steamboat Springs, CO.   Not having seen my brother in 3 years I decided a trip west was in order.  But I had to make the trip coincide with a race, the Danielesque Trail Marathon, and allow ample time for some high elevation trail running. 



Great Eastern Endurance Run 50k & 100k
September 17, 2005

Lew McGrath proudly wears his 100k 2nd Place Men Patagonia prize shirt, tag and all.  Lew was feeling pretty puny at the start, even Lehmann was in front of him till mile 18 if you can believe that! But Lew got well and finished strong in 12:24:29.  Lehmann came in 10th with 13:05:04. Check out the complete results where top 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Overall went to the ladies, Annette Bednosky, Kami Semik, and Jenn Shelton.

Bill Potts took 11th overall in the 50k running a 6:02:01. Then he and Sophie spent the rest of the afternoon cheering on the 100k runners.

GEER Results


Helvetia 10k Mountain Run
September 11, 2005

   The new 11:00 am start gave
 runners the opportunity to
 take a refreshing cool dip in
 in the Buckhannon River
 while waiting for the awards.

 Consensus was most liked the
 earlier 9:00 start so we'll be
 going back to that for 2006.
 More of Bill Potts photos at

 Results   Iplayoutside Photos


North Fork Mountain Trail Run
August 12 - 14, 2005

     This 4th annual trip to Seneca Rocks continues to be one of our favorite gatherings. The dry, rocky beauty and incredible vistas of North Fork Mountain, and the camp camaraderie make for a memorable weekend. We had a great turn out with 40 runners and a total of 65 with family and friends. 

     This year we were joined by many of our VHTRC friends and other guests from WV, MD, NC and VA. The weather was the warmest to date, most thought too warm. The course, with its' single aid station, requires runners to carry adequate fluids. The hot conditions left several folks finishing a little thirsty and a bit dehydrated. Many opted to cool down in the headwaters of the's nice and clean up here. 

     Race reports welcome as usual. Check out the two groups of photos at Photo Gallery.

Michelle Price Race Report

WWW (Wild, Wonderful, West Va), by Charlie Miracle

Bill Potts North Fork Mountain Report




August 11, 2005

The Copperhead Ridge Runners Rick,  Joe , Eric & Matt took a day off running to climb the Via Feratta on Nelson Rocks. These rocks are more of the "river knobs" like Seneca Rocks and are located just south of of them along Germany Valley. I guess this qualifies as extreme cross training.

< It's a fer piece down to that swinging bridge. Last year there was 3 day adventure race that utilized the Via Feratta on part of the course.


July 16 at Joel 's Fayetteville

     Had a nice run from the Fayetteville City Park down in to the New River Gorge National Park. Did a 15 mile loop on trails and woods roads. Passed the old Kaymoor Mine. Jody and Donnie even went paddling down at Fayette Station beneath the bridge after the run.

     Joel does need to invest in a water bottle though.



Master Dog Lucky Flood and Marshall Spradling

Lucky was on hand to welcome his four legged friends at the
Dirty Dog 15k today, May 21, 2005. He was unfortunately unable to run due to an over-training injury.  Marshall on the other hand had a good run through the woods of Kanawha State Forest.

It think Lucky and Marshall use the same barber.


Dirty Dog 15K Results



Hope for Hypes 5 Mile Run/5k Walk
May 1, 2005 Summersville, WV

< Race Director Lydia Young and her right hand man

Lew McGrath comes across the finish >


 Results & Awards 

If fine dining, trail running, hiking and biking sound appealing, check out the WV Fitness and Adventure Retreat. Host and chef Daniel Jonas has offered a 10% discount to club members on July sessions. 2-3 day sessions are also possible.


Promise Land 50k
April 23, 2005
Bedford, VA

Bill Potts, Dave Horton, Bret Cummings
Dave Huffman, John Reynolds, Joe Fowler

...and those not lucky enough to get in the photo with the President wannabe but also ran

Lew McGrath, Anita Finkle, Jay Finkle, Vic Ware, Dennis Hamrick

more photos


Highlands Trainer April 23, 2005

With threats of yet another spring storm on the way, we set off. Partly sunny skies provided nice running for a couple of hours. Then, above 4000', it got interesting with gusty winds and blowing, freezing rain/sleet. We finished in the late afternoon before the real snow hit.....12" by Sunday morning.

....more photos

Some of the WVMTRer's AT MOUNTWOOD 10 MILER April 16
more photos, results etc on MSTR page












Post Babcock Gristmill Grinder Smiles
April 2, 2005

< Susan Hall and Erin (I never fell once) Lash

Joe & Dorian Fowler and Dennis Stottlemeyer >

trying to stay warm....more photos and race report on the MSTR Series page

...........ELECTION & BYLAW RESULTS March 2005

A few renewals and ballots are still coming in, but it looks like a clean sweep for the nominees. It was a tough campaign, but we kept it clean.
Thanks for your support. Lehmann, Flood, Todd, Smith.


Mid Winter Days Dream Run & Fundraiser
February 12, 2005

Somehow these 5 black & blue, color coordinated, sharp dressed guys managed to pose for the only photo today.  Also here to enjoy running in 10" of snow in addition to Kuba, Cornell, Hite, Lehmann and Young were Joel Rodgers, Lydia Young, Jennifer Cochran, Hollis Lipscomb and Jody Lehmann.

There were even more sledders, hikers, musicians, and general partiers here to celebrate the Mid Winter Celebration and help raise funds for the St. Jude Children's Hospital.  Over $300 was raised for cancer research.  



January 15, 2005

Needless to say that Saturday's run in Charlottesville, VA was a bit wet. Run organizers Sophie Speidel and Bill Potts said that the day before there were sections under 10 feet of water. The Virginia Happy Trails Club hosted the run and invited us to come on over. There were about 8 WVMTR runners and a total of around 50.

This was a fun run and certainly not a race, BUT .......... congratulations go to John Reynolds for finishing first!   

We had a good time and I believe we spent more time eating and enjoying the company than running. 

More Photos        The Rivanna Ring, by Sophie Speidel



 A nice seasonal January 11 run
 on the 4 Oaks Trail in Kanawha
County, a favorite of the Copperhead Ridge Runners    

       The same trail 3 weeks ago

       Photos from Eric Mitchell