Nov 17 2010

Frozen Sasquatch

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First race of the year. It’s going to be warmer than last year! Check it out HERE.

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  • Rick Gray says:

    I will be happy with NO SNOW!

  • Dolin says:

    Rick, we missed ya at the trainer….
    And of course it was 70 degrees and sunny!!!

  • Aldo says:

    Winter weather is always unpredictable in January……It will never get worse than last year. 17 degrees at the start & 18 degrees at the finish.

    • Aldo says:

      Let me rephrase that. What I meant to say was: I sure ”HOPE” it’s not worse than last year.

      • jay says:

        The wind is what cut to the core. Seventeen degrees isn’t that bad but on top of a mountain, with 25 mile an hour gusts of wind, and snow mixed with ice…That race was one of the toughest i have ever done.

        • PSmith says:

          And they are now calling for 17 degrees at the start and snow showers again. I think we may be looking at a repeat performance.

  • Aaron says:

    Personaly, i hope theres feet of snow on the ground and nice and cold, but in kanawha who knows?

    • runningsasquatch says:

      You never know Aaron. Looks like this winter is starting early this year. We already had about 5 inches out at KSF last week, and the low for Wed. next week is only 6 degrees. Its guaranteed to be a good time regardless of the weather.

  • Sally says:

    Those of us up here in PA are wondering – how much snow do you have out at KSF? Looking forward to Sasquatch!

    • runningsasquatch says:

      Whats up sally, there is some snow on the ground now, but its supposed to be 50 on 12-30-10 and 60 the next day, so it looks like the snow will be melted by the weekend. But last year, the weekend before the race, it was 50 degrees, and we know what happened a week later……

      • Sally says:

        Thanks for the update. We are also enjoying a brief sunny spell (not as hot as you!). We haven’t seen 50 for a long time! See you soon.

  • Sally says:

    A very BIG Thank You to all of you involved with the Frozen Sasquatch. You put on such a fun event-love the friendly, happy people, the warm and toasty fires, the brave souls cheering at the finish, and that hot soup. What a great trail and a fantastic way to start the year. One suggestion- could you move Charleston a bit closer to Punxsutawney??? See all of you at the Groundhog Fall 50 in September.

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