White Grass Race Report

January 21, 2007

Oh what fun was had by all that attended the White Grass 5k in Canaan Valley, WV.  For me, it was my very first time on snowshoes.  All I needed was my rental snowshoes and my tennis shoes and I was off.  Imagine tromping through the newly fallen snow like an elephant.  That was me!  Joe told me to go out nice and slow.  Boy, was he right because about halfway through the course we saw the gradual grade up the side of a hill.  Huffing and a puffing, I went.  Of course in true ultra fashion I walked the uphill.  Going down hill I ran with reckless abandon and figured that if I did fall that the snow would somehow cushion me.  We continued to thump through the woods and appeared out into the field.  Most folks missed the double flagged turn in the field and headed straight back to the start.  After a slight mis-trail several of us turned and went back on trail to find Mike flagging us across the road (thanks Mike, I know those cars would have hit us!)  As we made our way around a small turn you could hear the hooting and hollering from Dan, Jody, and others that had gathered at the finish line.  Jody made sure to load you up with cookies and Gatorade before sending us into the White Grass Cafe.  We then sat down to a few beverages and yummy chili soup with cheese and tortillas.  If you've never had their chili, it's worth the trip!!  Hope to see everyone there next year where Chip will be sure to have the bells out ringing and cheering us on to the finish!!!

Jennifer Cochran