Highlands Trainer That Wasn't

April 4, 2004

Well April Fools Day played a real trick on parts of West Virginia last week, but then the joker decided to keep it up through the weekend. After the previous weekends spring sunburn run, it was a little hard to take. But our small group of four met in Elkins and set out for Laneville and Dolly Sods anyway. The weather report was saying something about a winter storm advisory???

Rt. 33 heading east out of Elkins was a bit snowy. Someone said this is bad....this might be nuts....man I hate winter!
But we eventually made it to Laneville and posed for the mandatory "Highlands Trainer Photo In Front Of The Shed". Then someone suggested that if we drop down a thousand feet in elevation or so I'll bet the snow won't be so severe. Why don't we run up the Blackwater Canyon from Hendricks!! We were off.....

Dan Todd, Bill Young, Dan Lehmann, Jennifer Cochran


Scotty to the bridge, Aye Captain Kirk....I don't think the dylithium crystals can take much more of this.
We arrive. Oh the Joy
We come across a frozen, sleeveless running T from the 1998 Grafton 5 Miler. We quickly deduce this is a sign. Actually it is part of a birthday run course for a well known Elkins runner who just turned 50 and will remain unnamed. They didn't run today due to "unfavorable conditions".
For some reason as we run up the canyon, climbing in elevation, the snow is getting deeper once again......
At 5 miles we decide to pack it in....10 miles is a decent run.
Besides we didn't bring our snowshoes.
Hot chicken noodle soup, bagel, peanut butter and homemade jelly provided by Bill made for a great finish. It was a fun run, but next weekend the snow can leave.