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Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run



Inaugural Race Top Dog 2004
“Lucky” Flood – 01:53:17
Morgantown, WV

Top Dog 2005
“Cocoa” Rodgers – 1:21:29
Fayetteville, WV

Top Dog 2006
“Jack” Gibbs – 1:12:15
Sitka, OH


Top Dog 2007
“Jack” Gibbs – 1:10:49
Sitka, OH

Top Dog 2008
“Jack” Gibbs – 1:07:57
Sitka, OH

TOP DOG 2009


May 19, 2008 – Charleston, WV:


Uncertain weather dropped this year’s canine participation, but that doesn’t mean the competition was any less fierce. Some said it couldn’t be done. But “Jack” Gibbs of Sitka, OH stretched those beautiful long legs and sprinted past the pack to take home Top Dog Honors for the 3rd time! Beating his time again this year, “Jack” was in perfect form as he crossed the finish. After a few quick slurps of water, he made several rounds around the finish area, greeting his fans and cooling off in the stream. Special mention goes to Reacher Workman, second place dog finisher this year, who came in mere seconds behind the 2005 Top Dog’s time.

Director of Canine Affairs, Tracey Todd, is considering talking the Race Director into splitting the Top Dog Category into Top Dog-Male and Top Dog-Female after watching the race to the finish of this year’s 3rd place pooch.  Sunny Parks was awarded a small prize for her impressive showing and she accepted her award with fantastic enthusiasm!  Congrats, Sunny- way to shine!March 1, 2008 – Charleston, WV:


Only about two months ’til race day and this year’s entrant list is currently made up of more than 50% out-of-state dog entrants! Some speculate that this is because of the need for out- of-towners to plan early for the trip while pooches from the surrounding area can just head over to the Forest with a moment’s notice. Director of Canine Affairs, Tracey Todd, is excited about the popularity of the Dog with runners from around the country. But, when asked about why we aren’t seeing even more local interest, she paused. “I suspect,” she said, “that ‘Jack’ Gibbs’ strong finish over the past two years has given WV Dogs cause for alarm. Don’t be afraid! I challenge our local dogs to get out there and prove that we can capitalize on the home field advantage! Competition is looking tough again this year, so you are going to have to train hard!”

May 20, 2007 – Charleston, WV:


The race was on yesterday at Kanawha State Forest, when last year’s Top Dog, “Jack” Gibbs brought home the bacon once again. Jack nosed out the record number of 29 other dogs and was head of the pack for the second year in a row. A true champion, he beat his own course record! Can he go for lucky number three in 2008?

We can’t help but give special mention to crowd favorite, Ivy Bowers, who at approximately 18″ tall, worked her little legs like crazy to finish the 9+mi course. As she crossed the finish, everyone cheered. It was a scene reminiscent of the inaugural race and we think Lucky Flood would have been proud.

January 7, 2007 – Charleston, WV:


Cram way too much kibble over the holidays? Finding that all you want to do is hang out and watch reruns of Lassie? This is your chance to take a bite of the action. Face your New Year’s Resolution head on and start training now for this year’s DIRTY DOG 15K Trail Run. The highly coveted spot of Top Dog is yours for the taking. See you in May!

May 20, 2006 – Charleston, WV:


For the first time ever in the long and rich history of The Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run, a non-WV pooch has captured the position of Top Dog. Though he was up against some tough competition, “Jack” Gibbs proved his superiority by setting a new course record. He delighted the crowd as he enthusiastically accepted his Top Dog award with all the dignity and grace of a champion. Later, posing for pictures, he had this to say: “WOOF!”

May 18, 2005 – Morgantown, WV:

Dr. Mark Flood had tears in his eyes as he approached the podium to make an announcement concerning Lucky Flood and the Dirty Dog 15K trail run. His voice cracked as he began to read the statement prepared for him by Lucky.

“It is with much sadness that Lucky wants to inform everyone that he will not run in the 2nd Annual Dirty Dog Trail Run on Saturday, May 21st. He has re-injured his lower back, a injury that first sidelined him in August 2004.”

Lucky, the Jack Russell cross dog wonder who won the first Dirty Dog Trail Run, supposedly was unable to go into his customary two-legged, back-legged hop during his 6-mile training run yesterday. Mark noticed Lucky favoring his right rear leg while running, and while getting into the car after the run.

“Something just was not right” Mark said with his bloodshot eyes welling with tears, “Lucky tried to deny his injury at first, but it was obvious he was in much pain.”

Mark denied that Lucky’s withdrawal had anything to do with the recent claim that Lucky was eating Balco’s steroid-enhanced dog food.

“Any claim that Lucky is on steroids is completely false. Lucky is willing to give a urine sample any time, any place, especially if there is a tree around.”

Mark also stated that this likely ends Lucky’s competitive running career. If he does retire from competitive running, Lucky will be one of the few who goes out on top. Lucky has never been defeated in a competitive race, and Mark strongly denies that the fact that the stiffer competition at this year’s Dirty Dog proves that Lucky is a chicken. “Lucky simply wants to devote more time to chasing chipmunks who keep stealing his dog food, and to playing with his cat Tuck. It would be a shame for him to permanently injure himself because of running through this injury. Lucky simply has not
fully healed from the injury last fall, and perhaps pushed his training too hard this spring to get into ‘Dirty Dog shape’.”

Mark stated that Lucky will send autographed pictures for those fans who have supported him for the past year. At press time it was unclear whether Lucky would be healthy enough to make the trip from Morgantown to Charleston. Mark still plans on running the race while wearing Lucky’s bandana from last year’s race, and donating some dog food to the Dirty Dog cause. ” I strongly encourage everyone to come out to the race on Saturday, even though Lucky may not be there. Perhaps Lucky’s fans could make a special donation of dog food or milk bones in his honor at the race.”

May 19, 2005 – Charleston, WV

After reading the upsetting press release of May 18, Director of Canine Affairs, Tracey Todd filed the following response:

We were devastated to hear that Lucky Flood’s running career has been
tragically cut short. What a blow to the entire Dirty Dog competitive
racing community. I think I speak for the entire community when I say
that Lucky’s participation will be sorely missed on Saturday.
Entrants have remarked that it was an honor just to have shared the
trail with him. He was an inspiration to us all and through him, we
learned that short legs do not equal slow legs.
It is our sincere hope that Lucky will be able to attend the event, if
for nothing but to shine his bright light of motivation on the other
participants so that they too might just find themselves a little
LUCKY on Saturday.

May 21, 2005 – Charleston, WV:

The esteemed title of Top Dog was sullied by scandal today when the first dog over the finish line was disqualified because of a violation of a race rule which stipulates that dogs must cross the finish line with their owners. Race Director, Daniel Todd said, “The first dog to come in to the finish did so without an owner, and there was suspicion that the dog had veered from the course, resulting in unintentional (yet unfair) shortcuts. Therefore, “Cocoa” Rodgers is hereby crowned Top Dog 2005.”

Director of Canine Affairs, Tracey Todd, emphasized that fans should not allow the scandal to overshadow “Cocoa” Rodgers’ rein as Top Dog. “Though not first to technically cross the finish line today, ‘Cocoa’ is a top athlete…” she noted, “a serious competitor who truly deserves this win and one who exemplifies the title of Top Dog!”


May 22, 2004 – Charleston, WV:

Congratulations to the original Top Dog, “Lucky” Flood! He is next year’s Dog to Beat!

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