Canary in the Cave Training Runs

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2016 Training Runs

There is nothing planned at this moment, but I live across the street from the start/finish line.  If you want to get a sneak preview of the course, message me at and we’ll set up a time that works best for you!


2015 Canary in the Cave preview

Sunday March 29th at 9 am

Six of us ran 9 miles of the official Canary in the Cave course on a 10 mile loop beginning and ending at the Fayetteville Town Park.  We did a one mile detour to take in the views from the Long Point overlook. Check out the beautiful photos from this cold but sunny day!

Park to Park Run

Saturday March 28th

Four brave souls began at Babcock State Park and ran 22 miles ending at Hawks Nest State Park.  Needless to say, everyone agreed that it was a worthy endeavor and left excited about the possibility of repeating this adventure in the future.

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  • Dan says:

    I love the reference to “race headquarters”. . . . . synonymous to “my floor” or “my backyard”. I gotta start calling my front field “race HQ”. Hope to make it Stew!

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