Comments on Mountain Masochist 50+ Miler 2005

Bret Cummings

As all WVMTR's know. I didn't finish the MMTR for one reason or
another this year. It really doesn't matter at this point. However,
I will be at Hellgates Gate this year to get vengeance from last year.
I will conquer "Hellgate 2005..."
"I do not fear what I know."

Graham Zollman

I don't write reports. I have only written one before and that was about Hellgate, but I will write about this race. I got timed out this year at the half way point. I knew going in that because of several things it would be iffy at best if I was able to make it to the finish. I have finished 4 times before, sometimes strong, sometimes not so strong, so I know what it takes to finish.         I went out, did what I could and even though I didn't finish I had a great experience, because of what a challenge the MMTR is. A lot is said about what MMtR is not, but it can never be said that it is easy. The terrain, the cutoffs, the HORTON MILES all make for a run that can not be take lightly. I tried to find Anstr Davidson's report from a couple of years ago that said it best, but couldn't.                                                                                                 I think what I really want to say about what I, personally came away with is that none of us who didn't get to the finish line should view this as a failure. I sometimes think we forget how much has to go right to run 50++ miles. Whether we went 1 mile or 43 miles we all toed the line and had the courage to show up and give it a shot. There was a time when I never wanted to see a DNF and that probably kept me from running races that I could have finished, If I never see another DNF that will be good, but it won't be because I am afraid to DNF.             Suzy Cope has said dnf means did nothing fatal. That's a good thought, because as all of us know, sometimes we don't use the best sense in these things to stop to protect our health.        I feel disappointment, especially when I got to the finish line and saw everyone coming in. I could remember that feeling of seeing that banner and know David Horton would be there to shake my hand, give me a hug and say great job. This year it was different. I was standing off to the side, David saw me and said I missed seeing you finish. I told him I got timed out and he simply said " I'm  sorry". Thank you, David, that meant a lot to me.                                      
Seeing all my friends finish was great Cheering everyone in and being there at the end to see Dru, my running buddy come in after her dnf of last year was great. This is THE EVENT of the year where EVERYONE  is there. we see friends we see only once a year, because it is a great race.                                                                        Thanks to everyone who makes this race possible, and thanks for listening to these ramblings. Hope to see all of you again  out there on the trail.