Colorado Running Report
Fall 2005

My flight in Detroit got delayed for an hour because as they announced "we have to fix the airplane".  That got me into Denver Thursday evening in time for rush hour traffic. It wasn't too bad really, but by the time I got to Golden, bought some fuel for the Jetboil stove (cause they don't like you carrying that stuff on airplanes nowadays), got some coffee, bagels and bananas and drove up to White Ranch Park it was dark. I stuffed my pack and headed off on the trail for the mile hike into a camping area at 7500'. I noticed right away as I climbed there was something wrong with the air, there wasn't any.  By the time I got settled into the tent it was midnight West Virginia time.
The Danielesque Trail Marathon was a fine race. This was the 5th year for the memorial event for local runner Daniel Rosenfeld. The marathon and half marathon has a limit of 75 runners total and is described as "low-key".  It was still very well organized, had excellent aid and offered some really nice stuff like a long sleeve Helly Hansen shirt, a hat, and more.

This photo is some of the more gentle terrain. I made a mistake interpreting the the website info. It said the course had around 3000' of climb and I figured heck, that's not bad even with puny air. It has actually 3350' per loop for 6700'. On the last big climb I  breathing hard and getting nothing but leg cramps.  Danielesque Website

  After the race it was off across the Rockies to the western slope and Steamboat Springs. 

Sunday called for a relaxing soak at the Hot Springs.  200 degree water just comes up from the ground. This is mixed with cool stream and caught in pools for a perfect bathtub temperature soak.

Wild country out there! 

The perfect rental car. Kind of odd looking, but it hauled me and my junk around ok. Monday I found my way up to Buffalo Pass at 10,500'.  Ran 8 miles the Wyoming Trail along the Continental Divide.  I don't think this little car sees much of this kind of travel.  
Incredible views from the Continental Divide.  Pretty slow running at this elevation. Makes you wonder about doing one of the big western races that hit the 12,000 feet plus mountain passes.

Just so that you don't think I took these photos from the Colorado tourist promotion website. Almost fell off the hill running around to get in the darn picture. Headline would read,  Old West Virginian found in gulch.

They call everything gulches or canyons out there. I finally figured it out. A gulch is just a little hollow with no water in it. A canyon is a big hollow and it usually doesn't have much water either. It is very dry and you can really put away the fluids.


Glad to be home.