Run, Meeting Report and Photos

January 3, 2004

We met in Helvetia at Dan and Jody Lehmann's for our first get together of 2004.  Present were Joel Lowdermilk, Jennifer Cochran, Steve Hite, Dan and Tracey Todd, Anita Walker, Jay Finkle, Bill Potts, Megan Carroll, Michelle Price, Jody and Dan Lehmann. That's a 100% increase over last January's first meeting.

We got right to work on business with a 12 mile run, no snow this year. We actually did a 6 mile loop and upon returning home picked up the late arrivals for a second loop. The weather was mild and the pace very agreeable. Fortunately Dan T was wearing his blaze orange singlet as we encountered some dangerous neighbors assaulting empty cans on an adjacent farm. Next order of business was the necessary refueling of our systems. This was even more enjoyable than the run....and far less dangerous. Then Dan L had to go and ruin everything by calling a meeting to order.

1) We reviewed the accomplishments of our first year;
        membership grew to 62
        hosted the Highlands Sky
        held the Greenbrier River Trail and North Fork Mt. club runs
        had several training runs at various locations
        established this website
        had a group presence and/or assisted at other races
        hosted a table at the Charleston Distance Run

2) Discussed website and additions/improvements we can make;
        start a 2004 membership list (dues paid), while maintaining the 2003 listing
        set up an "gear review" page where members can makes posts on items they use or have tried
        post on the website a "top ten race reviews" from the Newsgroup
3) Talked about the Ultra Series and Trail Run Series concept, and trail runs we are working on;
        discussed the interest in developing a Trail Series over an Ultra Series at this time
        we are currently assisting Mountwood Park with plans for a 10 miler
        we are working on events at Coopers Rock and Big Bear Lake, maybe others
        we discussed the future of the Snowflake 50k should Dennis H decide not to hold the race, a motion 
        was made and passed that the WVMTR pick it up with Dan T as RD

 4) Highlands Sky plans;
        the race will be part of the new Great Eastern Trail Series
        we discussed race awards and premiums, Patagonia sponsorship new this year
        Mt. State Transmitters have agreed to assist us with communications
        reviewed upcoming advertisements for Ultra Running and Trail Runner

5) Club Runs and Meetings set up by members;
        we set a goal to have 4 run/meetings a year, winter-spring-summer-fall
        the two already established are, this January meeting, and the August North Fork Mt. Trail Run
        we would enjoy traveling to other areas for spring and fall and are looking for volunteer hosts
        our "newsletter" may be reformed to be a report following these run/meetings

As a final news item, Dan and Tracey Todd announced they will be blessed with another Todd later this year. Congratulations to them and Torianna. 


the only running shot...honestly, we all ran!