Elkins to Parsons on the Allegheny Highlands Trail

    The weather was excellent on the Allegheny Highlands Trail for this first group run of the season. After a quick shuttle setup and water drop at the mid-point we were off for the 20 mile rail trail run. The trail climbs gently but steadily form Elkins for about 12 miles. Shortly after leaving Randolph County and entering Tucker the grade begins to descend and bit more steeply all the way to Parsons. There was a little company on the trail, a few walkers and bikers, couple of runners and one horseback rider.

    The AHT is a good spring training run. Several in the group are working toward a longer races in the coming weeks.  There was a large contingent hailing from the Summersville area. It was nice to make new acquaintances. The bright March sun felt great and everyone got a touch of red.

Dan Todd, Sarah Fletcher, Bill Young and Steve Hite at the finish

Carrie Haverty

Michelle Yeager and Lydia Young

Adam Young has shed his basketball skins for running shoes

Beth Hudspeth and Maura Kislter

Lisa Lucci

End of the 20.6 miles and ready for some refueling!

Bill inspecting the concrete flood wall above Parsons.