May 18 2009

Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run – Results & Photos Posted

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Another Dirty Dog 15K is in the books.  Dan Lehmann dragged butt back to Helvetia after help pace Adam Casseday to a 5th place finish at MMT100. He cleaned up the results and they are posted.  Katie Wolpert took some photos are posted.

Congratulations to everyone who finished DD2009.

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Katie Wolpert’s Photos

J.R. Petsko Photos of

Dave Seslar’s Photos

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  • Meredith says:


  • HillbillyWill says:

    Congratulations Dan Todd! I heard you had a near record event? Great work.

  • Dave says:

    Great race………………I loved the course changes but I could have did without all the humidity. Good job everyone.

  • PSmith says:

    It was a great race. I loved that we got so many people. I wish we could have more races during the year that were half marathon and below, so that we could attract larger groups of people to the trails.

    The course was excellently marked and other than the humidity – which hurt terribly – it wa a great day. Thanks to all the volunteers and coordinators. It was great.

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